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EuroMillions Jackpot Won by Spanish Ticket Holder

A series of EuroMillions rollovers was brought to a halt last night after a ticket holder from Spain grabbed the £31.4 million (€39.5 million) top prize. The top prize for Friday 19th December will now be worth £11 million (€15 million).

The winning numbers were 3, 7, 12, 13 and 25 with Lucky Stars 5 and 8. Five players matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star to grab themselves €222,312 each and another 11 participants won £23,584 (€33,683) each for matching five main numbers.

There were 131 ticket holders who bagged £990 (€1,414) when they matched four main numbers and both Lucky Stars while 1,889 players have just won £60 (€85.80) for matching four main numbers and one Lucky Star. The remaining participants who won prizes have picked up amounts worth between £2.20 (€3.20) for matching two main numbers and £30.80 (€44) for matching four main numbers. The winning Millionaire Maker code was ZGL268466.

If you think that you can pull off a repeat performance on Friday and grab the top EuroMillions prize, then make sure that you buy your tickets by clicking on the banner to your right or by visiting an authorised retailer to purchase them in person. Good luck and have fun!

EuroMillions Results for Tuesday 2nd December 2014

The EuroMillions jackpot was scooped by a French ticket holder last night after six rollovers had boosted the prize fund to £57.8 million (€72.9 million). The player became the first EuroMillions top prize winner since one of their compatriots shared a £25.8 million (€33 million) bounty with Mary Hamilton of Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland on Friday 7th November.

Last night’s winning numbers were 3, 15, 25, 44 and 49 with Lucky Stars 1 and 9, with one UK player receiving a very welcome £1 million pre-Christmas bonus thanks to Millionaire Maker. Other cash amounts won on the night ranged from £2.90 (€4.10) claimed by 1,196,634 players who matched two main numbers, up to £315,219 (€436,641) bagged by the three ticket holders who matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star.

EuroMillions returns on Friday with its basic but brilliant jackpot of £11 million (€15 million) alongside another £1 million for a UK ticket holder in Millionaire Maker. It is the perfect time of year to be boosting your bank balance with an eight-figure windfall as thermostats notch up, de-icer bottles drain and money flies out of your bank account as soon as it is deposited. Winning a EuroMillions prize would ensure an idyllic Christmas and the best possible start to 2015.

You can grab your EuroMillions tickets by clicking the banner or visiting your nearest authorised retailer, but remember to wrap up warm! Good luck.

UK Lotto Celebrates 20th Birthday with £5.3 Million Jackpot

Tonight sees the 20th anniversary of the first UK Lotto draw as the rollover jackpot hits £5.3 million! Nearly 300,000 players won cash prizes on Saturday’s draw but no one managed to bag the jackpot, making the birthday celebrations tonight even more special.

Players will also have the opportunity to win one of 100 Lotto Raffle prizes of £20,000 and also take part in a one-off game available to those who view the live-stream of the draw on the Lotto YouTube channel, with 20 prizes of £500 to give away.

The Lotto 20th birthday celebrations don’t end tonight though; on Saturday there will be 20 prizes of £1 million distributed through Lotto Raffle as well as the usual 50 £20,000 awards and that is all in addition to the multi-million pound jackpot in the main Lotto game!

Some amazing stories to come out of the last 20 years of Lotto include the man from Kent who won a prize every week for the first 26 Lotto draws, the West Midlands family who have hit the jackpot three times and the man who bought next door’s house with his winnings and turned it into a pub!

If you would like to stake your claim for one of the fantastic Lotto prizes to be given away this week, simply click the link to the right under the Play Online Lotto banner and grab yourself a few tickets for your chance to live the high life.

Stalybridge Syndicate Scoop a Share of £8.8 million Lotto Jackpot

A loyal group of paper mill workers from Stalybridge say they have no plans to leave their jobs despite scooping just short of £3 million on Saturday’s UK Lotto. The five-man syndicate from John Hargreaves Paper Mill Operators in Stalybridge won a share of the £8.8 million triple rollover jackpot, netting each of them £590,000. Yet despite their new found fortune, work still comes first for the hardworking machine operators.

The Agnati Crew Syndicate owe their name to the machinery they use and have refused to walk away or take any time off due to the heavy workload. Leader of the syndicate, Gary Smith, said, “The company is quite short staffed at the moment so we didn’t want to just take time off or walk away because of our win.

“I have worked at the mill for 26 years and have a real close affinity with the company. None of us have any plans to give up work, plus we are really busy at the moment.

“We are all close friends in addition to being work colleagues. Despite one of the syndicate members being retired he has continued to pay in. We are all really close.”

The 53 year-old Stalybridge resident says cars, mortgages and exotic holidays are on the agenda for himself and the rest of the syndicate, but not until work at the factory has died down!

The rest of the syndicate is made up of David King, Andrew Howard, Peter Howard and Philip Mellon, who are all looking forward to a secure future.

Operations Director Nick Hargreaves was quick to praise his loyal lottery winners, saying, “I am absolutely delighted for the syndicate. They have a combined loyalty to this company of more than 100 years.

“They are a fantastic team of workers and I am obviously really pleased they have decided to continue to work and not leave the factory. They are a key part of our success story and a part of the family.”

The Agnati Crew Syndicate have been playing the UK Lotto for over 10  years and have always played the same set of numbers, chosen from birthdays and other special dates. They bought their winning ticket from B&J Wine and Food Store in Wakefield Road, Stalybridge, matching all six of the main draw numbers for the draw, which were 3, 5, 9, 28, 35 and 47. The Bonus Ball for the Lotto draw in question was 14.

EuroMillions Hits Jackpot Cap of €190 Million

EuroMillions players will be eyeing up a potential haul of €190 million (roughly £150 million) after no one matched all five main numbers and two Lucky Stars last night. Although the top prize remained elusive it was still a hugely successful night with more than 4.3 million ticket holders winning cash amounts.

Awards ranged from £2.80 for matching two main numbers, which was won by 2,518,160 players, up to £241,508 which was claimed by eight ticket holders for matching five main numbers and one Lucky Star. One UK player will certainly be celebrating a seven-figure windfall after matching the winning Millionaire Raffle (soon to be Millionaire Maker) code and netting a cool £1 million.

Numbers drawn were 20, 21, 27, 33 and 40 with Lucky Stars 3 and 10 whilst the winning Millionaire Raffle code was GYW290078.

Friday’s EuroMillions jackpot of €190 million is the highest that the top prize is able to reach, with any funds that would have taken it over that amount being shared between the ticket holders in the winning tier closest to the jackpot. This makes it very likely that, even if there is no jackpot winner on Friday, there will still be a number of millionaires made!

If the jackpot rolls over again then the same will happen with the excess funds on Tuesday night and, if no one bags the main prize, the entire €190 million will also be shared amongst those players! There has never been a better chance to become a millionaire whilst matching some, if not all, of the numbers.

Lottery fans across Europe are already dreaming of a life spent hopping between the world’s most picturesque beaches while only taking time out for a spin in one of their fleet of supercars. This fantasy would be more than achievable with Friday’s EuroMillions jackpot, so make sure that you visit the EuroMillions page to get hold of your tickets. You can also buy them from authorised retailers.

Good luck!

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