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Now there’s no need to trek to the newsagent next time you want to play the lottery, now you can play online lotto from the comfort of your own home from your own computer. Not only is it much quicker and easier to play the lottery online you also have an enormous amount of choice. Not only can you buy tickets for the lotto online you can also play scratch cards just like you can from the shops but if you buy tickets online you won’t have to go back to the shop to get your winnings!

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Here at Online Lotto we have broken down all the facts that you need to know about the many different ways to play at the many different online lotto and online lottery sites. With so many online lotto sites out there working out which one is right for you can get confusing but don’t worry. We will tell you where and how you can buy tickets, we will find you the results to see if you’re a lucky winner so you don’t have to bother doing it yourself and we will keep you up-to-date with everything else in the world of online lotto too.

More 100 UK Millionaire Raffle Winners Come Forward

Since the second 100 UK Millionaire Raffle was held on Friday 26th July 2013, more and more of the £1 million winners have been making themselves known to lottery officials in order to claim their prizes. Better yet, some of the reactions to winning one of these amazing prizes are now available to listen to! So if you’ve ever wondered what one of those official phone calls sounds like, read on and get planning your winning moment! [Continue reading...]

Player Reactions to the UK Lotto Changes

Since the organisers of the UK Lotto announced they would be making some significant changes to the main lottery game in October 2013, players have been divided in their opinions on the matter. The changes include increasing the size of the jackpots and introducing a brand new Lotto Raffle, but the most controversial of these changes is the price increase. We take a look at some player reactions to date. [Continue reading...]

Euromillions Millionaire Raffle Winners!

Today a couple from South Staffordshire have claimed their Euromillions Millionaire Raffle winner’s cheque after they matched the winning Millionaire Raffle number in last Tuesday’s Euromillions draw. [Continue reading...]

The Best Lottery Pranks Ever

As tonight’s Euromillions jackpot tops €166 / £141 million, thoughts of what to do upon winning that amazing prize are bound to be at the front of every player’s mind this afternoon. However, sometimes the idea of winning is just as thrilling as actually having the cash in your bank. And for some individuals, the idea of teasing others with this prize is too much to resist. Here, we outline some of the best lottery pranks ever, by those pretending others have won and by those pretending to have won themselves. [Continue reading...]

Victory for One Lucky UK Euromillions Player!

One lucky player from somewhere in the UK has scooped last night’s Euromillions jackpot which reached an incredible £81 / €95 million after rolling over eight times. As of yet, there is no information regarding the identity of the player, however there is copious news regarding their new found wealth. [Continue reading...]

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Lottery Winners

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If you’re unsure about which online lotto sites are right for you, head over to our review section where you will find independent reviews covering all of the top online lotto sites highlighting the pros and cons of each. Playing online lotto from your computer offers you so much choice and convenience, the only question is why aren’t you playing already? Join in the fun and excitement playing some of the biggest and best online lotto games in the world.

The lotto and lotteries have been around for much longer than computers. In fact they date back to 205 BC. The oldest records of lotto or lotteries are Keno slips from the Chinese Han Dynasty. The Romans would also play a type of lottery where guests at parties would receive a ticket, and prizes would be given for corresponding numbers. The prizes would often consist of fancy goods and every ticket holder would be assured of winning a prize, however, this type of lottery was little more than rich noblemen displaying their wealth. The lotteries today offer massive, life-changing jackpots and are played by millions of players online across the globe.

The first winner of the Grand National was appropriately named “Lottery” with the actual word “lottery” originating from the Dutch word loterij, which itself originates from the Dutch noun lot meaning fate. The lotto or lotteries certainly are a game of chance with some lotteries offer bigger jackpots but less chances of getting a win and other lotteries having smaller top prizes but your chances of winning a prize are much greater.