Lottery giveaway was a hoax

October 15, 2009 by  
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A woman from Ohio, US caused mayhem on Tuesday after she arrived at a busy shopping mall in a chauffeur driven stretch limo and promptly announced that she had won the lottery and would buy people whatever they wanted. However the lottery giveaway was a hoax.

The woman ordered for the luxury limo to pick her up from her nearby apartment and take her on a shopping spree around her local area before making a stop at the Burlington Coat Factory, where she caused a huge commotion with her generous declaration. The arrival of the woman in the expensive limousine caused interest and excitement in itself, before she made her claim about having won the lottery and that she intended to spend her millions on the other shoppers. That’s when things really got out of hand.

The news about the lottery winner buying everybody gifts soon got around and people began heading to the store in their hundreds. Once shopper told the woman that she didn’t want clothes, she just wanted some help to pay this month’s rent. The wannabe lottery winners reply was to write a check to the shopper. A subsequent panic broke out, as once excited shoppers turned aggressive and began fighting their way towards the self-proclaimed lottery winner in a desperate attempt to get a handout.

Quickly after the aggression and fighting broke out and shoppers became uncontrollable the police were called and the woman was taken away for questioning. The store was then forced to close early so that workers could clean up the mess from the rampage. It later emerged that the disillusioned woman hadn’t won the lottery and the whole episode was an elaborate hoax. She was arrested as a result and is now facing charges of inducing panic and possibly fraud.

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